Music For Small or No Budget Film Makers

In my one-man effort to help film/video makers find quality music for their small or no budget productions, I’m offering this song as well as others as a solution. This song is joyous and fun; I hope it helps. If you want more details please contact me with the form below.


From The Lonely Surfer to Up Where We Belong, from arranging the historic Wall of Sounds sessions for producer Phil Spector to cutting movie soundtrack albums with Captain Beefheart and Miles Davis, the late Jack Nitzsche had one of the most amazing careers in music ever.

Capt. Beefheart: Hard Workin’ Man
John Lee Hooker/Miles Davis: Comin’ To Town
Mick Jagger: Memo From Turner
Joe Cocker: Up Where We Belong
Rolling Stones: Let’s Spend the Night Together
Neil Young: A Man Needs a Maid
Marianne Faithful: Sister Morphine
Jackie De Shannon: When You Walk In the Room
Ronettes: Be My Baby
Mink deVille: Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
Ron Nagle: House Of Mandia
Buffalo Springfield: Expecting To Fly
Ringo Starr: Photograph
Jack Nitzsche: The Lonely Surfer

Original of a Led Zeppelin Song is a Free Download

“When The Levee Breaks,” written in 1929 by Mephis Minnie and her husband Kansas Joe McCoy, was made popular by Led Zeppelin in 1971, when they recorded it for their 4th album. This is the original song that has been recorded by these artists as well: Judge (1990), W.A.S.P. (1991), John Campbell (1993), Kristin Hersh (1994), Killdozer (1995), Magic Slim (1999), Great White (1999), A Perfect Circle (2004), Bob Dylan (2006), Stream of Passion (2006), Buckwheat Zydeco (2009), Will Tucker (2009) and others.

Click here for the MP3

“Take Me Out To The Ballgame” Free Ringtone

This American classic should be your ringtone for the next few weeks.

Download this mp3 of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” by Ed Meeker.

Right Click, “Save As” on this link:

Take Me Out To The Ballgame – Free Ringtone

If you’re on a Mac, ctrl-click, “Save Link As.” On a mobile device, just click it, download the mp3, and select it as your ringtone!

Here’s a link for the entire song.

Sync Music To Your Video For Free

If you’re a film or video maker, and you need music for a noncommercial use, I can help.
I own a small record company and I’m also publisher of many of the titles we have released.
That gives me the right to grant the sync rights for the music I helped create.
I want to help film makers find a music alternative for their productions.
All cases are individual, so use the form below to contact me.

Here’s an example of some Instrumental music available for use:

Let the Good Times Roll – Podcast: The Music of Louis Jordan

He was the king of rock and roll… before there was rock and roll.

Podcast: San Francisco’s Greatest Hits – 1967 to 1968!

Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Country Joe and the Fish, Big Brother and the Holding Company — San Francisco was the center of the rock universe and these were the landmarks of that golden era.