I POSTED “LESS THAN JAKE” IN 2003 | Open Source Music

I was one of the early music lovers who posted music @MP34U. I saw a young punky Ska band from Gainesville Fla. at the Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco and wanted to share what I saw with the world.

Less Than Jake, a full fledged  Punk Ska band, put on a high energy show that night. I waited till i found the track “Look What Happened.” I originally found the track at Fat Wreck Records. Currently, I found this track at Youtube.com

Here’s what I posted:

Pop ska from a rocking band. This song is fun.”


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Nigel Borne
I’m a music lover who started as a music fan extraordinaire. I got this opportunity to form my own musical combo. We’ve recorded “Space Mountain Blues.” I’m very happy with our first effort. Our next recording is going to be completed soon. We have also released the masterpiece “Mankind” featuring Son Of Pete. The coolest thing is I get to tell the !st born what to do.