“Beirut”, by Yasmine Hamdan | Open Source Music

Yasmine can sing, no matter of language she’s singing!! This Lebanese singer, songwriter and actress, who is now living in Paris, is so compelling whatever language, it doesn’t matter to me. I first heard her in SoapKills, the first Middle Eastern electric act I heard about. Yasmine is a true pioneer who is not abandoning her Lebanese language. This song about Beirut is about the former beauty of the city. Beirut was a beautiful city before the civil strife made it a war zone. It was referred to as “the Paris of the Middle East.”

Matthew King Kaufman
Husband, Father, I founded and was the chief record producer of Beserkley Records. We had international hits and established the careers of Jonathan Richman, Greg Kihn, The Rubinoos, and Earth Quake. "In the 80's I witnessed the new digital technologies that would change music forever, and then I hoped to enable music lovers worldwide to enjoy more music with these new technologies. I founded Fun Fun Fun Recordings to make more “out of the box” recordings I’ve come to enjoy.