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Music is an art form using an Open Source language

Find Music you might have never heard

Some GR8 Music is never heard

Open Source Music is committed to music art not music $
Music is an Art for everyone to appreciate

Music is the original use of “open source”

The original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified

Copyright law protects creators

@ OpenSourceMusic we link to sites that respect copyrights


MUSIC is NOT the MUSIC business.

We offer a FREE listen to music that we like.

Everyone knows some Music that everyone should hear!

This site was designed to find this music and share it

No one profits from this site’s MUSIC but YOU!

Find MUSIC U LOVE from others.

Knowledge is power!


I built this site to find new music in all this noise. IT WORKED. WHAT FUN Matthew King Kaufman

“I found some real musical nuggets here.”

Eric Din

“Very Good Music”

Joel Selvin

“Really Good songs. I found plenty of music here”

Lou Parmelee

“What a fine idea and great music site .”

Biba Katz

What We Do

Search the WWW for music and post the results

Identify People to Find and Post Music

Post Links to Music

How It Works

All Music Lovers know at least 5 songs that got overlooked in all the noise surrounding music.

These Music Lovers post a link to a song we should hear.

These posts contain a reason why they were selected.

We Host the FREE MUSIC LIST v.2 for finding music as well

Examples of Music You’ll find here


I Remember this song. Larry Lynch was the drummer in The Greg Kihn Band when "Remember" was originally recorded. I was there, and I Remember discussing with Larry, when the original version of this song was recorded, “what an under-respected songwriter Greg Kihn was.”...

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