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Radio Glory

Got to love this madman. His song about the radio is raw and truthful just like his message: Stop paying to police the un-policeable. Stop jailing sick people. Collect revenue, eliminate the criminal incentive, and legalize all crimes against one’s...

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A must for any student or lover of the jazz. New Orleans is the capital of JAZZ. A new wonderful site devoted to the history of jazz is a must for any one who is headed to this “Mecca of Jazz.” New Orleans’ walking tours thru significant music creation areas are...

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Bang! The Bert Berns Story is strong. The Music is GR8! The Story compelling. It rates We highly recommend it. It’s based on the book Here Comes The Night. As someone who remembers this era, the songs in the movie were the soundtrack of our lives. For one man to make...

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Sharing My Xmas Gift of Music

This Christmas I got a rare gift of music from Eric Din, singer/songwriter, founder of The Uptones. It seems he made a special recording of four songs he wrote recently titled Peace And Love And Rock And Roll part 1. He recorded the songs at Michael Rosen's East Bay...

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