Band Balks and Refuses To Perform At An Open Carry Festival

The 1stBorn refuses to perform at The Open Carry Bumpstock Festival in Florida

“I was afraid things could get out of hand” says Nigel T. Borne. “We were scheduled to perform between Gluten Free and The Cadaver Kids on the second day of the festival that The 40-Foot Colon was headlining. The festival was billed as an event that was “Celebrating The 2nd Amendment and Great American Music.” It sounded interesting and The 1stBorn is definitely great American music, so the 1stBorn were scheduled to perform, but when I saw the monitor mixer wearing a 9 mm Glock on his hip, and the stage manager wearing a shoulder-holster with the biggest gun I’ve ever seen, I realized this was an “open carry” concert. I shit my pants! Plus, right after the Gluten Free’s set, I heard shots and was told not to worry it was just the fans expressing their love by firing their weapons in the air. That’s when I knew we weren’t going on stage. I marched the band back to the tour bus, which is fueled by natural gas. My management company, 8 Man Box, reports, the promoter, Al Shabad, is going to sue us.”

“Big Deal” according to DeeJay Phake Gnuzz, another artist who refused to perform that night. “Dead is dead.” he added. “The 1stBorn will live to play another day,” Nigel Borne added as well.

Once Upon A Time In LA

“All the elements of a satisfying read”

Breezy and deep, this book has all the elements of a satisfying read. I vividly remember the era, and have met many of the characters the author describes. Just like the first time I saw This Is Spinal Tap and I cringed instead of laughing at myself, Howard’s characters are that real and I can truly identify with the his depiction of the period. I highly recommend to any music fan.

Sing and Swing

(music to improve your game)

(Feat. Keta Bill)

This intriguing song discusses the tempo, timing, and other ingredients for an under-control golf swing.

Vocalist Keta Bill and the 1st Born have made great sports music.

Golfing Music
Photo cred – 1.0 Universal

Any golfer would benefit by adding some tempo to their game.


A must for any student or lover of the jazz. New Orleans is the capital of JAZZ. A new wonderful site devoted to the history of jazz is a must for any one who is headed to this “Mecca of Jazz.” New Orleans’ walking tours thru significant music creation areas are explained and they sound great! I know what I’m going to do on my next trip to this wonderful town.

Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Marie Carianna.

I just love their mission:

“The history of the city’s music, and its outsized influence in popular music everywhere, can be traced to creole cottages, parlors, churches, and street corners as well as concert halls and auditoriums,” a note on the site reads. “Some are still active; others have been transformed or demolished. A Closer Walk highlights and contextualizes these sites, to advocate for their future, to celebrate their memory, and to honor the men and women who have shared their music with us.”