Selvin On The City podcast – NICKY HOPKINS: SESSION MAN

He regularly played on sessions by the Beatles, the Stones, the Who. The Kinks wrote a song about him. When he moved to San Francisco, he played with Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jerry Garcia Band. Was Nicky Hopkins rock’s greatest keyboard man?

Selvin On The City podcast – ATTACK OF THE KILLER B’s

Rare B sides from the Beatles, Stones, Mellencamp, Seger, Van Halen, others.

Beatles: You Know My Name
Bob Seger: Fortunate Son
Rolling Stones: Miss You (disco)
John Mellencamp: Cold Sweat
Frank Zappa: Find Her Finer
Police: Da Do Do Do (Japanese)
ZZ Top: Francene (Spanish)
Peter Gabriel: Shock the Monkey (German)
Jimi Hendrix: Gloria
Van Halen: Happy Trails