Podcast: San Francisco, 1978 – Selvin On The City

Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Producer Elliott Peltzman mixes recordings of police radio from City Hall after the Moscone and Milk shootings with classic rock from the same year.


From Cozy Cole to James Booker, Booker T. to Duane Eddy, the art of the instrumental for 45 RPM single.

Norton Buffalo on Selvin On The City

Norton Buffalo, who died of cancer in October 2009, played on hundreds of albums and everybody he played with thought of him as a friend; from the Doobie Brothers and Bonnie Raitt to Roy Rogers and Steve Miller, whose demo of Buffalo’s “Desert Highway” is heard in public for the first time.

Vietnam – the War on Record – on Selvin On The City

Taken from the exhaustive 13-CD box set from Germany’s Bear Family Records (courtesy Country Joe McDonald). Produced by Elliott Peltzman.

Selvin On The City podcast -The Lost Journey Album

The Lost Journey Album: “Dream After Dream,” was recorded in 1980, just before the band’s mainstream popular breakthrough, and only released in Japan. The soundtrack to a little-known Japanese film has only three vocals from Steve Perry and represents a return to the band’s roots in progressive rock.

George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Live at the Boarding House – on Selvin On The City

From an original KSAN broadcast during one of the first visits to town by George and the boys in 1977, around the time the band released its first album. George keeps giving out the Boarding House phone number (441-4333) and telling the audience to call in their requests.

Selvin On The City podcast – HEY LET’S TWIST!

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the dance craze that swept the nation, the story behind the Twist and the records that made it great.