Erstaunliche Version eines unbekannten Rock Klassikers

Dieser 46 Jahre alte Song wird vielleicht endlich seinen Platz in der Sonne finden. Ursprünglich von Count Five komponiert und aufgenommen, wird “Psychotic Reaction” von Vielen als der ultimative Garage Rock Song betrachtet.

Der Song began als Instrumentalmusik, und nach vielen Aufführungen kam Text dazu, bevor er als Schallplatte herauskam. “Psychotic Reaction” ist schon vom Fernsehen, von den Vibrators, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, den Cramps und den Residents aufgenommen worden, um nur einige zu nennen. Ich finde, diese Version von den Fashion Slaves ist die bisher allerbeste. Ich muss sagen, die Fashion Slaves Vocalistin, Emily Jayne, trifft genau den richtigen Ton; und das Gitarrenspiel ist brilliant. Die Harmonika, die ein Hauptteil in der ursprünglichen Version war, vermisse ich nicht.

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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the dance craze that swept the nation, the story behind the Twist and the records that made it great.

“I Want To Kill Everybody” by Ed Haynes

Well you gotta vote in the senate, and then ya vote in the house,
and the president makes a speech,
A committee decides which committee decides which committee decides which committee decides,

Well I’m gettin’ paper cuts, and my eyes are bloodshot,
from watching the tape turn red,
The pentagon has to much paperwork to start a real war,
I wish they’d just send me instead

‘Cos I want to kill everybody
Save the world from hard times
I want to kill everybody
And go to jail for atrocious war crimes

I want a machine guns that’s big and bulky,
that shoots an never misses,
A nuclear war would be such a bore,
I wanna meet death and ask “how’s the misses?”

Well now that the US has bought the war in Nicaragua,
I say why stop there?
There’s plenty of other countries to obliterate,
Playing favorites just ain’t fair

And I want to kill everybody
Desperate I may be
I want to kill everybody
Everybody except me

Well how bout them protesters visualizing world peace?
Yeah, right, I got your piece right here,
There’s been 4 billion wars over Israel,
But them bumper stickers inspire me here

And I want to kill everybody
Everyone and everything
I want to kill everybody
And declare myself king

© Ed Haynes / Haynes Music Co.

Ed Haynes – “I Want To Kill Everybody”

World Series, Take Me Out To The Ballgame

It’s World Series time. At least one listen to Ed Meeker’s version of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” to truly get in the baseball mood, is a must. This classic recording of a hundred year old song extolling the virtues of America’s pastime is a must listen. Ed Meeker was an Engineer at Edison Records when he was asked to record this version. Who would have ever thought that this early 1900’s recording would end up as the definitive version. I found this along with many other 78 recordings ripped to Mp3 in a treasure trove of music @