Best New Band I’ve Seen This Year!

This Saturday I went to The Uptown Nightclub in Oakland California to see The Muffs. I was lucky, and I got there early enough to see The Fashion Slaves, who were also on the show. I had to pinch myself. Could this brand new band be as good as I thought they were. They were! The crowd was rocking from the first song “Psychotic Reaction” to the last song “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”

The four piece band features Lead singer and guitarist Emily Jayne and guitar all-star Eric Din who are also in the Ska band, The Uptones. Eric Knight the bassist was in Engine 88, and Pete D’Amato also drums in The Agent Deadlies. These musicians can truly play. They seemed to be having a gr8 time playing the high energy music that had everyone dancing.

It was the songs that made me truly love this band. Emily took off her dress before performing “Suffer For Fashion,” a special song about how we all suffer to be beautiful. “Loud Mouth Girl” another original song was about not taking any B.S. That song got to me and drove the audience wild.

There was a touching moment when Emily sang “Heaven Don’t Know” about a lost love. I declare, The Fashion Slaves were the best show I’ve seen this year and maybe last year too.

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