I want to help video and filmmakers with my music. | Open Source Music

If you’re making a non-commercial video or film, my music is available for free. I’m a small record label owner and publisher, who wants to have his music heard. I can grant you all the legal rights you need for your production.  If you’re making a commercial film or video, my terms are flexible depending on your needs.

-Matthew King Kaufman

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Husband, Father, I founded and was the chief record producer of Beserkley Records. We had international hits and established the careers of Jonathan Richman, Greg Kihn, The Rubinoos, and Earth Quake. "In the 80's I witnessed the new digital technologies that would change music forever, and then I hoped to enable music lovers worldwide to enjoy more music with these new technologies. I founded Fun Fun Fun Recordings to make more “out of the box” recordings I’ve come to enjoy.