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OpenSourceMusic endorses these music blogs. These Music Lovers only blog about music they LOVE, and all the download-able tracks they post are made available FREE with the expressed permission of the artists, labels, and songwriters who created them. Find a Blogger you like and download a Treasure Trove of GR8 Music.

MP3 Jackpot posts 1 Gr8 free legal MP3 per week. Ultra-filtered, the cream of the cream. More.. Music2ten is a network of music lovers, who find and post music for others to enjoy. More..
Welcome Fellow Music Lover, I’m Superfan. Music is my passion, and I bask in its sonic glow. More.. I’ve been posting links to these free legal songs at the rate of one-a-day since 4evar. More..
I post music I like, for whatever reason, just stuff I want to share. More.. I grew up listening to hip-hop, electronic and jazz. By the time I was 14 I started DJing. More.. is Buster The Ska Doggie’s blog dedicated to all things ska. More.. A lot of my posts are significant songs from our past. More..
OpenSourceMusic is the online home of the Selvin On The City podcast. Helping create and introducing new music is my greatest joy. More..
Survival’s blog serves as ground zero for post-modern metalism. More.. Music.. There’s absolutely no purpose in it. That’s why its so essential. More..