When Will My Music Cloud Replace My iPod?

This weekend I left the old iPod nano at home and tried something new. I’m now rockin’ my music folder via Livedrive Briefcase, on my Android.

Livedrive doesn’t have a desktop Briefcase app for OS X yet, and they don’t have an Android app yet, so it all has to be done via web. But it doesn’t matter, works fine. You just access http://m.livedrive.com on the Android, and the regular site on the Mac, select the folders you want, click “Send to Briefcase” and voila.

Infinite storage, so you don’t have to select what to leave on or off a local storage device. Only hindrance is, as with all things mobile, if your signal is weak, so is the experience. I was in downtown San Francisco yesterday, and it was humming along nicely. What will happen in the back woods next week? Could my iPod be really headed for retirement?