Exploring the music of the forgotten pioneer who played with everyone from Elvis and the Beach Boys to Bob Dylan and John Fogerty.

THE TIKI ROOM on Selvin On The City

Welcome to paradise. Put on a Hawaiian shirt, toss a chunk of pineapple in your cocktail and join us for the exotic world of the basement record library, from Santana to Martin Denny.

NEW ORLEANS 78’s on Selvin On The City

From the collection of Chris Strachwitz, vintage New Orleans R&B from Lloyd Price, Dave Bartholomew, Professor Longhair and others, off the original 78 RPM pressings. Hear what the CDs are missing.

YOUNG PHIL SPECTOR on Selvin On The City

After graduating high school in Los Angeles, 19 year-old Phil Spector went to New York to serve an apprenticeship, working with Leiber and Stoller and others on a succession of unsuccessful singles that are among the rarest records in the basement record library.

THE ORGAN ROOM on Selvin On The City

Cocktails are served. The organ is ready. Pull up a chair and enjoy an evening at the organ room with Booker T., Lee Michaels, Jimmy Smith, and many surprise guests.